Lawmakers, Interested Groups Still Working on New Liquor Laws

Dec 31, 2012

Credit Steve Snodgrass (wikimedia commons)

Kentucky's liquor laws have been in a legal limbo for months. And progress on reforming them has been slow. In 2012, a federal judge struck down the law that prohibits wine and liquor sales in grocery stores and gas stations, calling it unconstitutional.

The judge later blocked his ruling from taking effect so lawmakers could draft new regulations.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo says industry groups have approached him about new laws, but he hasn't seen any suggestions that fit what he sees as the judge’s desire for uniform laws.

“What I have seen is a proposal that I believe flies in the face of what the court’s judgment was. And I’ve told the proponents of that so. I believe what the judge said was there has to be a uniform law that everybody of this class is covered by," he said.

If lawmakers don't pass new laws in the upcoming legislative session, the judge will put his ruling into effect, which would instantly allow gas stations and grocery stores to sell wine and spirits. Currently, they can only sell beer in Kentucky.