As Lake Barkley Water Levels Rise, Army Corps of Engineers Releases More Water into River

Apr 29, 2014

Credit Tripp124 / flickr

Significant rainfall and the expectation of more tonight have led the Army Corps of Engineers to increase the water released from Lake Barkley into the Cumberland River.

The Army Corps’ Lake Barkley Manager Mike Looney says water levels are currently near 360 feet, which is half a foot higher than usual for the time of year. He says he isn’t concerned about flooding.

“For us over here on Lake Barkley, when we see elevations that get up to 363 to 365 we start getting some roadways that get water on them,” Looney said. “368 is certainly a concern, so we’re gonna be 5 feet below where we really have concerns on the Lake Barkley side.”

People near the lake can expect to see higher water as storms pass through the region, but the Army Corps of Engineers is working to prevent flooding.