KY's ruling on wine sales in groceries may affect TN revenue

Aug 15, 2012

The recent federal court ruling that Kentucky’s law against selling wine in grocery stores is unconstitutional may affect a similar law in Tennessee. Tennessee Grocers and Convenience Store Association President Jarron Springer says their campaign “Red, White and Food” has long addressed this and that Kentucky’s court ruling will hurt Tennessee’s revenue if it doesn’t soon follow suit.

“It’s going to be another draw for our consumers to cross the state line into Kentucky to do their shopping. Just as happens in Bristol going over into Virginia, as happens in Chattanooga going into Georgia. Legislators need to recognize that we continue to lose state dollars and state revenue.”

Tennessee’s current law only allows drinks under a certain alcohol content to be sold in groceries Springer says Tennessee would see an extra $30-million in revenue if grocery stores could sell higher content alcohol like wine.