KY's New Majority Leader

Frankfort, KY – Robert Stivers says he's "humbled and honored" to be the new majority leader of the Kentucky state senate. The Clay County Republican took over the role a month and a half ago from Dan Kelly of Springfield, after Kelly was named to a judgeship by Governor Steve Beshear. Stivers admits, since then, he's had to work to educate himself about his new legislative post

"Trying to learn a lot more about parliamentary procedure and understanding the dynamics of each and every member of the caucus and the senate," Stivers says. "So that's been the biggest portion of my learning curve is understanding how that all interrelates with each other, and it's taken some time."

Stivers says he's taking over as senate majority leader with the state facing the worst financial crisis he seen during his 13 years in the general assembly. Some estimates say Kentucky is facing a 100-million dollar budget shortfall this fiscal year alone. Stivers pledges the senate's 20 G-O-P members will work with its' 17 democrats and one independent to solve the problem.