Kynect Extending Enrollment Period Due to High Demand During Initial Deadline

Apr 4, 2014

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Kentucky’s health benefits exchange kynect is extending its enrollment period due to high demand during the initial March 31 deadline.

The extension for applications begins today and ends April 11. Kentuckians who completed their applications by the initial deadline can select a plan through April 15, with coverage beginning May 1.

Enrollees will be asked if they attempted to complete an application before the original deadline, which when enrolling online will mean selecting a button on the enrollment screen.

Kynect Executive Director says this extension is the last chance for people to sign up for private health plans until the next open enrollment begins Nov, 15. She adds that those who have started applications should work to finish them earlier rather than later to avoid possible wait times at the end of the grace period.

Kentuckians can still apply for Medicaid after the enrollment period, but only those who have been through a qualifying event such as losing employer-sponsored health insurance can purchase private health plans after the deadline.