KYA's Terry Brooks Reacts to Smoking Ban's Chances in Ky Senate

Feb 13, 2015


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The executive director of a children’s advocacy group says he believes Senate leadership will give the smoking ban bill a fair hearing. 

Dr. Terry Brooks, with the Kentucky Youth Advocates, supports the measure and says Senate President Robert Stivers appears willing to allow a vote.

“He has indicated that he will allow the process to play out in the senate regardless of whether he’s for it, against it or neutral," said Brooks. 

Brooks says the bill would help defend pregnant women and their unborn children from secondhand smoke. 

“If I’m a pregnant woman who works at a business at which smoking is allowed, I mean my choices are I quit my job or expose my child to smoke hazards," said Brooks. 

The bill passed by the House today contains an amendment allowing local anti-smoking ordinances to prevail over a comprehensive state law.