KY Voting Machines

Kentucky Public Radio?s Tony McVeigh

Frankfort, KY – With the aid of federal dollars, Kentucky counties appear to be making good progress in updating their voting machines.

Following the disputed presidential election of 2000 and a subsequent shift toward electronic voting machines that left no paper trail, voters began demanding more accountability. That led to the growing use of electronic machines that optically scan paper ballots. And with the help of eight million dollars in federal funds, Kentucky counties are joining the movement. Secretary of State Trey Grayson says 67 of the state's 120 counties now use optical scanners. "So, we think that this transition will be a good transition, based upon our experience. But any kind of transition, there's always transitional issues."

Grayson told a legislative panel in Frankfort his office still has another seven million dollars in federal funds available for counties still seeking to upgrade their voting machines.