KY Senate Passes Nuclear Power Legislation

Frankfort, KY – Nuclear power generation could come to Kentucky under legislation passed Wednesday by the Kentucky senate. The legislation lifts a state moratorium on the construction of nuclear power plants. State senator Bob Leeper says such a power plant could be key employer when a uranium enrichment plant near his hometown of Paducah closes.

"That uranium enrichment facility is set to close in somewhere from three to eight years and those jobs will be lost we have a very talented workforce that could potentially, if a plant is sited in Kentucky, take those jobs," says Leeper.

The bill passed 27-10. One of those senators voting no was Pike county senator Ray Jones. Jones says there's no reason to move the debate away from coal. Jones argues there are safety concerns with nuclear power generation. Leeper counters safety is no longer an issue at American nuclear power plants. The measure has passed previously in the senate, but has never cleared the house.