Ky. School Test Results Released

Sep 27, 2013

  While Kentucky has already celebrated a record graduation rate for high schools and improved number of students who are college and career ready, Education Commissioner Terry Holliday says there are still areas of concern. The Department of Education released results of its accountability system Friday and Holliday says the focus now is on math.

This is the first time Kentucky can compare state test results since it changed its accountability system last year. Although a majority of schools met their objectives for the year, it’s apparent why Holliday says he’s concerned about the state’s math scores.

In high schools the number of students testing proficient or above dropped to 36 percent. Holliday says the state needs to do a better job preparing teachers and students.

“We’re extremely concerned about math,” Holliday said. “We have made math our number one focus this year especially in middle schools.”

Hundreds of schools did not meet their goals for the year, but Holliday says it’s possible those schools can still be high achieving.

Holliday says while the 55 percent of students who are graduating college or career ready is a large improvement, the state’s 86 percent graduate rate means some students are not ready for life after high school.