KY School Safety Subcommittee Meeting

Jan 28, 2013

Kentucky’s temporary subcommittee on school safety has met for the second time and heard testimony Friday that supported arming teachers with guns. KPR's Devin Katayama reports while the panel doesn’t support the option, it does want to include a wide range of ways to improve school safety.

The House subcommittee was created after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Connecticut last month. Since then, many communities have begun discussing ways to improve school safety.

Committee chair Richard Henderson said the panel needs to listen to all options even if they don’t agree with them. The panel did hear more testimony on school resource officers, which are police that are trained to work in schools.

Henderson says next week the subcommittee will meet once more before the General Assembly goes back into session.

“We’ve determined we need to talk about school construction and facilities," Henderson said. "So we’re going to bring some people in from the state that have infinite knowledge about buildings and constructions and the rules and regulations.”

Henderson said he expects several bills pertaining to school safety to be filed once the General Assembly is back in session on Feb. 5.