KY Representative Will Coursey Cited in Sexual Harassment Allegation

Sep 26, 2013

Credit file photo

A second lawmaker from western Kentucky is being accused of sexual harassment.  Louisville attorney Thomas Clay is representing Nicole Cusic, who claims she was retaliated against when she complained about the behavior of State Representative Will Coursey.

“For instance, I believe he was asking one of the interns to go to the Governor’s Ball with him, and there were some other things that involved explicit language, which she thought was inappropriate.” said Clay

Cusic, who was Coursey’s secretary, claims she was transferred out of his office when she confronted him. Coursey, a Democrat from Symsonia, is represented by Paducah attorney Mark Edwards.

“Mr. Coursey’s position is that he’s never had an inappropriate relationship with anybody, and the lady who’s making the complaint did work for him, but the reason she was transferred was that she had a poor work history.” said Edwards.

Cusic becomes the fourth woman to allege sexual harassment against a lawmaker this month. At present, Cusic is the only woman to file a lawsuit against the Legislative Research Commission and its former director Bobby Sherman, who resigned last week in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against former State Representative John Arnold, a Sturgis Democrat. 

Arnold resigned his House seat, but denied the accusations.