KY Gun Bill goes to the Senate Floor

Feb 22, 2013

Credit iStockPhoto

The Kentucky Senate is expected to vote on legislation focused on blocking any new federal gun control measures.  The measure is sponsored by Madison County Senator Jared Carpenter.

“It does nothing to change any rules or laws that are in effect as of 2013.  If any laws go into effect after January one 2013, then this bill says we will not follow those laws,” said Carpenter.

Lexington Senator Kathy Stein says the proposal over-reaches state legislative authority. 

“What is the law enforcement officer gonna do if the federal law, well if it’s passed after January first of this year, we’ve just declared it null and void in Kentucky.  So, what are they gonna do.?” Asked Stein.

Carpenter believes further gun control measures aren’t likely to help reduce mass shootings.  He says it covers semi-automatic weapons.

“The tragedies that happen so often with automatic weapons are purchased illegally and our folks and law abiding citizens are being punished by their actions and you know even though tragedies happen and it’s terrible when they do happen,  lots of times no matter how many laws we have in place, we couldn’t stop those tragedies,” added Carpenter.

Kathy Stein cast the lone no vote.  She anticipates the bill to pass the Senate and possibly the house as well.

“I dare say in Kentucky that the public will say, ‘hear, hear, it’s about time we told those feds to quit passing gun laws,” added Stein.

The bill now goes to the full Senate.