KY Farmers Still Fighting Weather Conditions

May 27, 2013


Unseasonably cool springtime temperatures coupled with lots of rain have created challenges for many Kentucky farmers.  University of Kentucky Agricultural Meteorologist Tom Priddy said just over half of the projected corn crop is in the ground.  He says close to all of the corn was planted by this time a year ago.  Still, Priddy said some gains were made last week.

“I think last week was probably the most positive relative to progress in the field,” Priddy said. “It was the first week with below normal rainfall in the past five or six weeks, so things advanced as much as they could, maybe not so much in the heavier soils.”

Priddy said there had been interest in planting more corn in Kentucky fields this season, but time is running out.  The ag meteorologist says the long term weather forecast over the summer months calls for above normal temperatures and near normal precipitation.