KY Division of Forestry seeks input

Frankfort, KY – The Kentucky Division of Forestry is gathering information for a federal survey. As Kentucky Public Radio's Gabe Bullard reports, part of that survey will include public input.


Under the 2008 U.S. Farm Bill, the division is required to submit a report to the U.S. Department of Forestry for funding consideration.

Even though the report will rely heavily on scientific information, division spokesperson Lynn Brammer says public participation will help determine what should be done with forests in the future.

"We are a state agency, we're here to serve the public. Yes we do have experts and we have foresters certainly with their opinions on where we need to prioritize but we also like to know as a whole what the citizens want."

Brammer says public opinion will likely affect aesthetic and recreational developments for forests. The survey is available to the public online until March.