KY Delegation on Health Care

Washington D.C. – All but one member of Kentucky's congressional delegation voted against the health care reform bill narrowly approved in the house Saturday. Democrat Joyn Yarmuth stood alone in backing the measure. His Democratic colleague, Ben Chandler, joined the Commonwealth's four Republican members of Congress in opposing the measure. One of those GOP lawmakers was Ed Whitfield, who says there are actually many provisions of the bill Republicans can support.

"But we do not support the establishment of a federal health control board to control healthcare in America. We do not support establishing civil penalties of up to $10,000 a day for violating health regulations. We do not support reducing Medicare funding by $500 billion. We do not support cutting funding for hospitals by $155 billion."

And Whitfield says Republicans can't go for raising taxes on small business when the nation's unemployment rate is more than 10%