KY Coal Counties Get State Refunds

Aug 6, 2013

Nearly three dozen Kentucky counties will receive refunds totaling more than $300,000 from coal mining permit and acreage fees. The 35 counties will get refunds ranging from $25 to more than $67,000, with 10 counties receiving more than $15,000. The state's Department for Natural Resources collects mining permit and acreage fees and returns a portion to coal-producing counties' fiscal courts for beneficial projects. Pike County will receive the largest refund of more than $67,000 , followed by Ohio County with more than $34,000.

Western Kentucky counties receiving funds include Daviess, Henderson, Hopkins, McLean, Muhlenberg, Union and Webster. See the full list below.

Bell County Fiscal Court                                             $27,979.17
Boyd County Fiscal Court                                          $750
Breathitt County Fiscal Court                                     $19,729.17

Clay County Fiscal Court                                           $3,379.17
Daviess County Fiscal Court                                      $6,575

Elliott County Fiscal Court                                          $500
Floyd County Fiscal Court                                          $17,100

Greenup County Fiscal Court                                     $125

Harlan County Fiscal Court                                        $25,425
Henderson County Fiscal Court                                  $737.50
Hopkins County Fiscal Court                                      $2,112

Jackson County Fiscal Court                                      $25

Johnson County Fiscal Court                                     $17,858.33

Knott County Fiscal Court                                          $10,520.83

Knox County Fiscal Court                                          $6,270.83
Laurel County Fiscal Court                                         $1,825
Lawrence County Fiscal Court                                    $5,358.33
Leslie County Fiscal Court                                         $28,195.83

Letcher County Fiscal Court                                       $15,287.50
Magoffin County Fiscal Court                                     $13,212.50
Martin County Fiscal Court                                         $11,258.33
McCreary County Fiscal Court                                   $62.50

McLean County Fiscal Court                                      $250
Morgan County Fiscal Court                                       $1,350

Muhlenberg County Fiscal Court                                $2,662.50
Ohio County Fiscal Court                                           $34,125

Owsley County Fiscal Court                                       $575
Perry County Fiscal Court                                          $33,279.17
Pike County Fiscal Court                                            $67,225

Pulaski County Fiscal Court                                       $2,100

Rockcastle County Fiscal Court                                  $550
Union County Fiscal Court                                         $2,937.50

Webster County Fiscal Court                                     $8,275
Whitley County Fiscal Court                                       $13,433.33

Wolfe County Fiscal Court                                         $350