KY Chief Justice Says Judicial Branch Needs More Money

Jan 31, 2013

Credit Courty.KY.Gov

Kentucky Chief Justice John Minton wants lawmakers to find more money for the state’s judicial branch in the wake of last year's budget cuts. In his annual 'State of the Judiciary' today, Minton said he was upset that courts had to close for three furlough days this fiscal year.

And he says the judicial branch will face even more cuts for the upcoming fiscal year, although more furloughs are off the table. He says,

“And you will continue to hear me raise the issue of the need for adequate court funding as we head into the fiscal year 2014, which presents as we face that, an additional shortfall of 28.7 million dollars.”

The most recent budget cut the judicial branch by $50 million. Minton also wants lawmakers to give the courts the power to issue bonds to pay for a new case management system. The current system is 25 years old. Minton says failing to do so could bring the court systems to a halt very soon.