KY Board of Agriculture Asked to Host Cattle Referendum

Aug 19, 2014

The Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association is asking the state Board of Agriculture to re-assess a portion of its cattle market system through a state-wide cattle producer referendum.

Currently, roughly 1.5 million cattle are purchased in Kentucky annually.

For each animal sold, $1 is placed into a pool for beef advertising. Half remains in the state while the rest goes into a national reserve.

Credit Franzfoto, Wikimedia Commons

Dave Maples is the executive Vice President of the Cattlemen’s Association. He says the system hasn’t changed in more than two decades and needs an update.

“Kentucky’s a big beef state. I mean, it’s the largest cattle state east of the Mississippi River. There’s some 34-38 thousand producers that raise cattle," Maples said.

"It’s very important to Kentucky’s agriculture.”

The agriculture board will consider the request Thursday. If approved, the Department of Agriculture will then hold a statewide cattle producer referendum to vote on a new amount.

Upon reaching a consensus, the new assessment could take effect in April.