Kentucky Voter Registration Update

Oct 14, 2010

Frankfort, KY – Democrats still outnumber Republicans in Kentucky, but Republicans and independents gained some ground this year. Almost 34,000 Kentuckians registered to vote since the May primary, increasing the voter rolls by just over one percent.

"We have about 2.9 million registered voters in Kentucky, which is the second largest in Kentucky's history - just slightly below where we were in the 2008 general election."

Les Fugate of the Secretary of State's office says Democrats still outnumber Republicans in Kentucky.

"Democrats have about 1.6 million. Republicans have 1.06 million, and Others' are considerably lower at 193,000."

In terms of party registration, Fugate says Republicans and independents signed up more voters since May than Democrats. And there still are more females than males registered to vote in Kentucky.