Kentucky State Police Step Up Motorway Enforcement For Holiday Weekend

Aug 30, 2013

Credit KSP/Wikipedia

Kentucky State Police are increasing their presence on roadways this Labor Day weekend.  KSP Commander of Public Affairs Sergeant Richard Saint-Blancard said the stepped up enforcement coincides with the national “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign.

“Obviously for any holiday weekend we can expect an increase in alcohol related incidences but we don’t want to just target alcohol we want to target everything," said Saint-Blancard. "Our objective is to have zero fatalities during this holiday period. Last year we had nine fatalities, four of those were alcohol related. So, if we could show just a real hard impact in to hit the objective of zero fatalities, we would be elated.”

Saint-Blancard also advises drivers to wear seat belts, to eliminate in-car distractions such as cell phones and handheld GPSes and to drive defensively.