Kentucky Sheriffs' Association Holding Judgment on Legalizing Hemp

Nov 29, 2012

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Kentucky Sheriffs' Association Executive Director Jerry Wagner says his group hasn't decided on supporting or opposing legalizing industrial hemp. Wagner and other members of the KSA board met with Agriculture Commissioner James Comer yesterday in Frankfort for more information on the subject. Comer has come out in favor of legalizing hemp.

Wagner says the KSA will wait until the General Assembly drafts legislation to make a decision.

“We’ll be having special meetings in Frankfort. We’ll invite all our sheriffs, and make sure all the sheriffs have the opportunity to ask questions and better understand the issue," he said. "Y’know, we want all the sheriffs to come to a consensus on this one way or another.”

Wagner says KSA remains strongly opposed to legalizing marijuana. The Kentucky State Police has voiced opposition to both legalizing marijuana and legalizing industrial hemp. Wagner says the Sherriff's Association respects the KSP's position.