Kentucky Senate President Wants to Shorten the General Assembly Calendar by a Third

Mar 12, 2014

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The leader of the Kentucky Senate would like to see future General Assembly calendars shortened by a third over a two year period. 

Robert Stivers' bill, which won committee approval today, calls for the legislature to meet each January for five days. 

In even-numbered years, lawmakers would gather again in February for another 40 days.  Current even-year sessions run 60 days. Stivers said the bill would allow for more creativity.

"We could take a week off, just to have concurrence weeks,” he said. “We could have a day just for committees, if we wanted to have just Tuesday, every Tuesday will be committee day only."

Some committee members expressed concerns about the proposed change. Lexington Senator Reggie Thomas voted "Aye," with some reservations.

“Given the amendment that took place in 2000, the work of the legislature has become greater and more needs to be done, not less,” he said. “I think retrenchment is not called for at this time."

Supporters say the legislation could result in a savings of seven million dollars for the state each year. ​