Kentucky Religious Coalition Protests “Misleading” Anti-Abortion Claims

Jun 23, 2014


A pro-choice religious group says a Kentucky-based abortion counseling center is using misleading tactics to dissuade women from getting the procedure.

The Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice led 40 protesters over the weekend in a demonstration against downtown Louisville’s “A Woman’s Choice Resource Center.”

KRCRC president Caitlin Willenbrink says the counseling center is one of 100 similar faith-based anti-abortion organizations that use false science.

“They also give out a lot of information that isn’t credible, like information that draws a link between abortion and breast cancer or abortion and mental health issues," said Willenbrink. "That’s not supported by credible science.” 

Willenbrink was raised Catholic, but says having faith doesn’t mean being automatically opposed to the hot-button issue.

“And we want to fight against that narrative because, as you can see, all these people on the sidewalk right now identify as people of faith who affirm abortion as a valid moral choice," said Willenbrink.  

Willenbrink designed the protest, she says to draw attention to the issue in advance of the National Right-to-Life Conference, which will be held at the Kentucky International Convention Center this weekend.