Kentucky Prepares for H1N1 Virus

Murray, KY – Kentucky's threat from the H-1-N-1 Flu virus remains low, but health and government officials have started preparing for an increased numbers of cases when the flu season picks up later this year. Kentucky Public Health Commissioner Doctor William Hacker says now the virus has been established in most counties, the state has eased tracking efforts.

"We've moved from counting individual cases to now just tracking those that are more serious, which means if you're put in the hospital, then we're asking physicians to notify us and to send us a sample so we can track to see if this virus is changing in virulence, in other words the ability to make people more sick."

Kentucky hasn't had any fatalities related to H-1-N-1. Governor Steve Beshear plans to hold a Pandemic Influenza Summit September third in Frankfort to outline Kentucky's plan to deal with the virus. Hacker says the state is also prepping for a statewide vaccination campaign when a vaccine becomes available.