Kentucky Official Stresses Water Safety Over Holiday

Jul 4, 2013

Heavy boat traffic on the lakes this holiday weekend has Law Enforcement reminding boaters to take extra caution.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife's Sgt. Gary Clark stresses the importance of wearing a life jacket at all times on the water and for drivers to be alert of their surroundings. Clark also recommends caution tonight when marinas have their own firework shows after dark.

“A lot of the firework displays are pretty large and it gathers in a lot of boats," said Clark. "And we just recommend everybody have their anchor lights on and their running lights on because it does get dark when you’re out there, and just take your time leaving. Kinda like a basketball game or a football game, you leave afterwards and the parking lot’s full, well that bay is full of boat with everyone trying to take off in different directions.”

Clark said the number one cause of boat collision inattention, which is more likely with a boat full of friends and family. Clark also insists that boat drivers leave alcohol at home because it increases the chance of an accident dramatically.