Kentucky Obesity Reduction Program

Jun 14, 2012

A just released document called ‘A Community Guide to Reducing Obesity’ details local projects in 17 areas of the Commonwealth.  

Kentucky Obesity Prevention Program Coordinator, Elaine Russell says officials hope the guide will ‘jumpstart’ efforts in other communities.  She says, in one central Kentucky town, a path was mowed for a walking trail, becoming what she calls a ‘traveling trail.’

“So if they need to move it, if that land, something needs to be built on it..they can move it to another open space..they’ve learned how to lease the land from somebody else.. to make sure that it’s insured…and then it’s promoted to the community,” said Russell.

Russell says the aim to get good distribution of the information.

“What we hope is it will jumpstart the efforts across the state…so it will make it easier for other communities to replicate what’s already been we have stories about making communities more walkable and how to support breast feeding mothers.. worksite wellness…how to get healthy foods in concession stands,” added Russell.

Russell says it will take several interventions to make a real dent in the obesity problem across Kentucky.  The community guide can be downloaded at