Kentucky Lawmakers Debate How to Resolve Redistricting Confusion

Nov 7, 2013


State lawmakers are trying to figure out who their constituents are in the wake of new district maps.

At an hour-long meeting of the Legislative Research Commission’s leadership panel this week, lawmakers debated how to resolve the confusion created over new district boundaries and how they affect the handling of constituent services.

When someone calls the state’s constituent services with a question, comment or concern, the message is written on what’s known as a “green slip.” That slip is then forwarded to the appropriate legislator’s office. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Marcia Seiler, interim director of the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission, says confusion over the maps is hindering communication between citizens and government.

  “I think that there’s just many, many different services within the LRC that are impacted by the use of these maps,” she says. “So the question is, I guess, which maps do we use?”

Sen. Damon Thayer claims House Republicans haven’t been receiving their green slips, and suggested politics may be at play. Lawmakers hope to resolve the issue before the end of the year.