Kentucky Klansman heads to Court

Murray, KY – An Attorney for plaintiff, Jordan Gruver, says the boy, seeks compensatory and punitive damages stemming from a 2006 assault at the Meade County Fair. The attack allegedly occurred when five I-K-A members attacked Gruver, a teenager of Panamanian descent, during an alleged recruiting mission for their group. Two of the five men were found guilty in the attack and spent two-years in prison. Gruver's attorney, Bill McMurray says the civil case seeks damages from one attacker Jerrad Hensley and Ron Edwards the Imperial Wizard of the Western Kentucky based organization.
"This lawsuit seeks to hold the leader of the organization, Ron Edwards,accountable for his officers and his organization.
McMurray didn't indicate the amount of money sought in the case, however USA today reports that the Prospect, Kentucky based attorney who is working with members of Alabama's Southern Poverty Law Center seek to bankrupt the nation's second largest KKK group. The defendants will act as their own counsel in the case.