Kentucky House Members Hear Pleas for Medical Marijuana

Jan 10, 2014
Originally published on January 10, 2014 5:52 am

In 1994, Eric Crawford was rendered a quadriplegic following a traffic accident. Confined to a wheelchair, the Maysville resident says he has since developed glaucoma, and that his doctor told him that, while it could not be prescribed, marijuana could alleviate his pain.

But in the absence of legislation that would add Kentucky to the list of 20 states with some form of medical marijuana law, Crawford says he has to obtain his marijuana illegally.

Kentucky lawmakers are weighing a bill to legalize medical marijuana.

Members of the House Health and Welfare Committee heard testimony Thursday from advocates who say the currently illegal drug should be made available to treat illness.

Crawford says he uses marijuana to not only treat his glaucoma, but to reduce the chronic pain he says he still experiences as a result of his accident.

“I don’t know what to do. I don’t wanna leave this state, but I may have to," Crawford says.

Crawford came to the Capitol to rally support for the issue.

Josh Stanley is a marijuana cultivator with the Colorado-based “Realm of Caring,” which develops strains of the plant for medicinal use. He also came to Frankfort.

“We’re actually showing that we’re not able to reverse, but we’re stopping, literally stopping, the progression of Parkinson’s, of Alzheimer’s, ALS and MS, through the use of the cannabidiol treatment," Stanley says. "So, I don’t want to soapbox here so you think that all we’re talking about here is epilepsy. That should be enough, certainly. But we’re just gettin’ warmed up.”

Republican committee members disagreed with Stanley’s claims.

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