Kentucky House Democrats Offer Legislative Redistricting Plan

Aug 16, 2013

Kentucky House Democrats have advanced their legislative redistricting plan today which would see Democrat and Republican incumbents competing in the same districts. This comes a week after GOP legislators revealed their proposal.  Democratic Representative Tommy Thompson said their plan follows the “one person, one vote” mandate.  But, he said he knows some of his colleagues will be unhappy with the idea of having to run against someone in their own party.

"But I'm confident that we're going to have a map that's constitutionality supported and constitutionally valid and that we'll be able to get our work done in five days and have new districts relative to the 2014 elections," said Thompson.

The proposed plan would pair off Republicans Jim DeCesare of Warren County and C-B Embry Jr. of Butler County in one district and Ben Waide of Hopkins County and Myron Dosset of Christian in another. The plan also includes two sets of Democratic incumbents pitted against each other in Eastern Kentucky.  The General Assembly will meet Monday in special session to set the new boundaries, which are required to account for population changes recorded in the last census.