Kentucky Food Prices Increase Following Last Summer’s Drought

Apr 29, 2013

Average retail food prices in Kentucky supermarkets increased a little over half a percent during the first quarter of this year according to the latest Market Basket survey from the Kentucky Farm Bureau.

Dan Smaldone, the Bureau’s director of public relations, said the Farm Bureau totaled the cost of forty basic grocery items and the price came to $116.27. He says that’s 74 cents more than the previous quarter.

“While there is an increase noticed it has actually been fairly steady over the last several quarters and we are just keeping an eye on prices as we move into the after-effect of last summer’s drought.”

Smaldone said the group monitors products in six categories: beef, dairy, fruits and vegetables, grains pork and poultry. "And as noted the dairy category did make the biggest overall jump at about 8 percent and we can see some of that perhaps related to feed costs from the previous year,” said Smaldone.

On the other hand, Smaldone said, the beef category showed a 6.4 percent decrease. He said that’s some two dollars less than last quarter.