Kentucky Casts Electoral Votes

Frankfort, KY – All eight of Kentucky's Electoral College votes for President of the United States have been cast for Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona. The electors, meeting at the State Capitol, also voted for Republican Sarah Palin for Vice-President. Secretary of State Trey Grayson says the votes from each state will be sealed and sent to the President of the U-S Senate, who will open them January 8th and read the results to both houses of Congress.

"If a copy's not received by them, they'll contact either our office or Judge Kaufman here in Franklin County at the U-S District Court, to get an additional copy. So, the copies are truly safeguards in case something were to happen."

President-elect Barack Obama didn't get the state's eight electoral votes because the Democratic senator from Illinois lost to Senator McCain by more than 300-thousand votes in Kentucky.