Kentucky Bellwether for Fall Election

Oct 21, 2010

Morehead, KY – A senior writer for one of the nation's foremost political news magazines says Kentucky is the state to watch for a national bellwether on the mid-term elections. Jonathan Martin works for, and made the comment Wednesday.

"Kentucky historically is a state where the returns come in early. The polls close there at 6, we usually know what's going on in that state pretty early in the evening. Two races to watch for. If Paul is running away with this thing and beating Conway by nine, ten, eleven points, it's going to be a big night for Republicans."

Martin says the other race to watch is the 6th district Congressional contest between Incumbent Democrat Ben Chandler and Republican Andy Barr. He says if a big name in Kentucky politics, like Chandler, is defeated, it'll likely show GOP dominance elsewhere.