Kentucky 2nd District House Republican Candidates Speak on WKY Economic Growth

May 11, 2012

Western Kentucky’s economic growth is a hot topic among the candidates for the 2nd district State Representative. At a public forum in Graves County last night, Republican candidate Patrick Fisher said stimulating business in the region is going to take both self-improvement and effective networking with outside businesses.

“We need to look for new ways to bring companies in. We need to find out what they’re looking for and do what we can to fit the bill. There are a lot of companies in China looking for a home and whatever we need to do to try to get them in here, we need to do.”

Fisher’s Republican competition, Richard Heath, noted that people are moving to Tennessee for benefits like right to work and no income tax. Heath referenced German auto companies establishing plants around Tennessee.

“There’s a new factory going in up here at Clarksville, Tennessee. Again, on the Tennessee-side of the line. If Kentucky is going to compete with Tennessee for new industries coming in, we’re going to have to level the playing field.”

Democrat candidates Arthur Byrn and Kelly Whitaker also spoke at the forum.