Kentucky 1st District Candidates on "Kentucky Tonight"

Apr 24, 2012

Henderson physician James Buckmaster believes the cost of health care can be monitored by doctors delivering the care. Buckmaster is one of two democrats vying for the first congressional seat in western Kentucky.  He operates a reduced rate health clinic in Henderson.

“We charge probably 50 to 60 percent less than the other clinics do in the area…we’re able to pay our bills , feed our kids, send them to school…you don’t have to take everything when you come out of this world.”

Businessman Charles Kendall Hatchett sees western Kentucky as a future home for wild mustangs.

“There’s a lot of villages that would like to have a work animal or pack animal that can’t afford four dollar a gallon gasoline. We could actually bring those horses here…work breeding them…of course neuter them we don’t have the problem continuing…but we could actually find homes for countries that would be glad to have them.”

Buckmaster and Hatchett discussed numerous issues on KET's Kentucky Tonight. You can hear the full show broadcast every Tuesday at noon on WKMS.