Kentuckians to See Food Stamp Reduction

Oct 25, 2013

Nearly 870,000 Kentuckians will see a decrease in their food stamp benefits.   The change comes as federal recovery dollars dry up.

As of next month, on average, eligible Kentucky households will experience a 5.5% percent reduction in food stamps.  Mark Cornett, Deputy Commissioner in the Health and Family Services Cabinet, says the impact ranges from about $20.00 to $36.00 a month, depending upon household size. 

Congress continues to wrestle with the Farm Bill that contains future funding for the program.  Cornett says efforts to revise entitlements could affect the food stamp program.

“There’s so many different versions out there that reduce benefits, that put extra eligibility requirements in the eligibility process,” said Cornett.

Cornett says there are also ongoing discussions about what grocery items can be paid for with food stamps.

“There’s been some debate about only being able to purchase healthy foods, but again that’s a federal issue.  That would take an act of Congress to change what is an eligible food item.  I’ve not seen anything yet to change that,” added Cornett.

The reduction in food stamps comes after the expiration of federal stimulus dollars.