Judicial Cuts Affect Drug Court

May 8, 2012

Cuts to Kentucky's judicial system will impact a program designed to reduce recidivism among those convicted of drug related crimes. Chief Justice John D. Minton made the decision to implement three furlough days for judicial employees over the coming calendar year in addition to cuts in other judicial programs. 

Calloway County Clerk Linda Avery says the cuts will affect a very important program in her region:

"Drug Court currently has an average of 24 participants and they’re reducing/capping that at 20 participants. So that will be four spots that will not be available for people who  need the Drug Court services"

Those four individuals would then face criminal prosecution rather than a rehab program associated with the drug court program. Avery says the Drug Court has the lowest recidivism rate of all benches. She calls the reduction a major cut to county services.