Judge Hears Testimony on Graves County Shooting

Apr 5, 2012

Prosecutors say a drug deal gone wrong was the motive for a shooting in Graves County last week that left two dead and one injured. At a preliminary hearing yesterday, Graves County Sheriff’s Detective Brad Smith testified that witnesses said Ashley Lambert of Dublin took money from Jacob Carder and Kenon Andrews to purchase methamphetamine for them. A week later, Lambert had neither the drugs nor the money, so Carder and Andrews confronted her. The incident left 25-year old Lambert, 22-year old Jonathon Cagle, and 18-year old Whitley Moore shot in the head. Only Moore survived. District Judge Deborah Crooks found probable cause to send murder and attempted murder charges against both Carder and Andrews to a grand jury, which meets April 12th. According to The Paducah Sun, Detective Smith said gunshot residue tests have not yet come back, and investigators haven’t found a murder weapon.