JD Wilkes 'Shakes' Maiden Alley Oktoberfest

Sep 26, 2014

Credit legendaryshackshakers.com

On October 18, WKMS is broadcasting live from Paducah's Oktoberfest, including a performance of by the Legendary Shack Shakers. Frontman JD Wilkes has spoken with Todd Hatton about his recent book, Barn Dances and Jamborees across Kentucky. On Sounds Good, he speaks with Kate Lochte about the band's "New Testament Tour," how he divides his creative time between two bands (he also fronts The Dirt Daubers) and his thoughts on uncovering an historic mural in downtown Paducah.

Back from a two-week tour through Boston, New York City and Washington DC, The Legendary Shack Shakers return from a hiatus of a couple years and get ready to perform at Maiden Alley's Oktoberfest. On how he gets his "dangerous" energy on stage, Frontman JD Wilkes says once he hears that first note, it's like starting a car. He writes most of the songs performed on stage, with some rockabilly covers thrown in for good measure. Wilkes recently uncovered a mural on the old Ethan Allen building in Paducah and believes these glimmers of history are what drives tourism to cultural towns like Paducah and that they must be preserved.

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