Japanese Consul-General Kato Touts Regional Partnerships And Tied Economies

Oct 31, 2013


Japanese Consul-General Motohiko Kato says his government plans to reinvigorate the economy while improving relations with neighboring countries.

Kato led a lecture and discussion on Murray State’s campus yesterday.

He says deteriorating relations with China, as well as a shrinking domestic population, is causing Japanese businesses to invest in the U.S. market, especially in our area.

“In Kentucky and Tennessee, Japanese business people love to invest in these areas, so more than 40% of the product investment in Kentucky comes from Japan, one hundred and sixty Japanese companies are doing business in this state," he said. "4,000 Japanese people live in Kentucky. Japanese investment keeps coming to this area for many many reasons but one of the decisive factors is the wonderful hospitality of the people in the state.”

Based in Nashville, Kato’s primary mission as Consul-General is to promote Japanese culture and business prospects throughout the southeastern United States.

His office has jurisdiction over Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.