January Monthly Chat: Dunn Unclear on Contract Committee's Work and Proposed Closed Meetings

Jan 31, 2013

In this month’s conversation, among other topics, Dr. Dunn discusses Murray State's Board of Regents’ newly created ad-hoc committee to review his contract. The committee consists of Regents Marilyn Buchanon, Stephen Williams and Board Chairman Dr. Constantine “Deno” Curris.  The board formed the committee as questions surrounded Dunn’s future at MSU. Dunn’s contract expires in June of 2014. He also underwent a comprehensive employment review in 2012.

Dunn says he and his wife, Ronda, prefer to stay with MSU, but until the board takes action on his contract he’ll continue to seek exceptional career opportunities.

Dunn has been a finalist for two other education related posts in the last 6 months.

Curris has not announced a formal meeting of the contract review committee, but he intends on keeping those meetings closed to the public. However, a recent Kentucky Attorney General opinion  (this link requires a word document to be downloaded from a secure government website)  might impact Curris’ decision to keep the meetings closed. WKMS News has an outstanding call to Dr. Curris to discuss the AG opinion and whether that opinion will influence his decision to keep the meeting(s) closed.

In the rest of this monthly conversation Dunn discusses the ongoing work of the budget planning and review teams, planned renovation work on residential colleges and his time on a work group to boost the visibility for Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) of which MSU is a member.