"An Island is Unreliable," New Exhibit at Janice Mason Art Museum

Mar 24, 2014

The Janice Mason Art Museum presents "An Island is Unreliable," a new exhibition featuring work by sculptor Cody Arnall and photographer Sarah Phyllis Smith. The work explores how objects become a part of a visual language for constructing and understanding our relationships with time, place, and memory. Cadiz's Janice Mason Art Museum's Executive Director Megan Whittaker Nesbit visits Sounds Good to preview the exhibit. 

"So the idea of an island being unreliable came from me thinking about how every day I cross the Lake Barkley bridge and there's a little piece of land that has a tree on it, and I pass it every day and I quickly think, "There's a tree, there's a little island in the middle of a lake." But if I were to walk down to the shore, go out on a boat and approach that piece of land, maybe the island reminds me of thinking of when I read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and playing pirates on an island. Or maybe I thought that tree was a Hickory and maybe it's actually a much larger Oak tree than I thought it was. And this idea of the more time I spent with an object, the closer I get to it or the farther I get from it, it changes context and meaning."   

The exhibition will open with a reception for the artists on Saturday, March 22, 6-8 p.m. and will remain on view through April 26, 2014. Both artists currently live and work in Murray, where they work in the Department of Art & Design at Murray State University. 

More at Janice Mason Art Museum's website.