IL Sales Taxes on Candy, Soft Drinks Up Today

Springfield, IL – Beginning today, Illinois consumers will be paying more for toiletries, candy, soft drinks and liquor. That's because lawmakers have increased the state's sales tax to raise cash to pay for a statewide construction program.

Most candy had carried a 1 percent sales tax, but it now will be taxed at 6 and a quarter percent. It'll be the same for shampoos and toothpaste that until now were taxed at the lower rate if shop keepers deemed they had a medicinal effect.

Bottled soft drinks with added sweetener or flavoring, such as iced tea, will be taxed more, just like soda pop is now. And liquor distributors will pay more for alcohol, which will be passed on to consumers.

All told, the changes should raise about $150 million a year toward a $30 billion roads-and-schools building plan.