IL Pension Proposal Faces Uncertain Future

Jan 8, 2013

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A plan to rescue Illinois' worst-in-the-country pension problem faces uncertainty in the final full day of the lame-duck legislative session. The House adjourned with a floor vote Monday on the contentious plan to reform the pension system. House committee members approved a proposal calling for more employee contributions and freezing cost-of-living increases to close the $96 billion deficit. Backers say it's a compromise on a complex problem that addresses many concerns. But opponents question whether it's constitutional.

The bill's sponsor, Democratic Rep. Elaine Nekritz, says Democrats and Republicans are assessing how many lawmakers support the measure before deciding whether to call for a vote. If it wins House approval, it would move to the Senate, which isn't currently in session. Senate President John Cullerton says he could call senators back today. Gov. Pat Quinn wants a resolution before the current General Assembly's session ends Wednesday.