IL DUI Conviction Changes

Springfield, IL – Drivers convicted of DUI's in Illinois now have a new sentencing option. Judges may choose to give Illinois drivers who have fewer than three DUI convictions a car equipped with a breathalyzer device instead of completely suspending their license. David Baker is an Illinois State Police Master Sergeant.

Offenders can have that installed in their vehicle as a condition of them having a restricted driving permit. Where they actually have to blow and pass a breath sample for the ignition system in the vehicle to work.

After a few minutes, drivers must take another breath test. Baker says the law expands the court's discretionary power and gives offenders the chance to still drive themselves to work and other places. But the state won't be footing the bill for this one; DUI offenders will have to pay for the system themselves. Baker doesn't know the system's price tag, but Arizona law requires offenders pay the bill as well, costing the convicted person around one-thousand dollars.