If MLK Jr. Were Around Today, What Issues Would He Be Speaking Out About?

Jan 28, 2013

John Johnson, Director of the Kentucky Human Rights Comission
Credit personnel.ky.gov

Kentucky Human Rights Commission Director John Johnson speaks with Kate Lochte next. The focus of their conversation is a set of 7 social justice and civil rights resolutions honoring the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., adopted this month. With the 11-member board of commissioners, the executive director and 36 staff members, the Commission receives, initiates, investigates, conciliates and rules upon jurisdictional complaints alleging violations of the Kentucky Civil Rights Act. These resolutions are calls for action to government officials and the public.

John Johnson, Director of the Kentucky Human Rights Comission,  began his leadership in civil rights, when at the age of 18, he became the youngest president of any NAACP Chapter. Before joining the commission, he spent 20 years in Baltimore, Md., as an official of the NAACP national headquarters. He's in his sixth year of service with the Commission.