"I was a poop head before supporting WKMS"

May 13, 2009

Murray, KY – I had to drive myself to Toledo, Ohio last week.

I got an early start, for me, and was cruising down I-24 listening to Morning Edition. Enjoying the familiar voices of Steve and Renee, Todd and Kate. And then. There I was on the exciting Western Kentucky Parkway and Oh, ugh. The further I went, the more WKMS got staticky but I refused to give up. Got to the point where I could only hear about every tenth word, but I would NOT TOUCH THAT DIAL and then it was just gone.


I fiddled around with the radio's seek' button. Blah, Blah, Blah. Ads, ads, ads. Buy cars at some auto superstOre! Eat lunch at greasy joe's. Linda Ronstadt came on and wailed that she'd been cheated, been mistreated, and oh how I related. I wanted my WKMS.

I have a dirty little secret to share with you if you promise not to tell anyone. There was a time when I didn't belong to any NPR station. I listened, yes I did, but I didn't belong. I was a poop head. That was before we moved to western Kentucky. We lived back east then, which probably explains it.

When we moved here, I worried if I would be able to find a decent NPR station. There it was: WKMS! I was relieved, then delighted, impressed, and finally, in love. I could still hear my favorites: All things considered, Weekend Edition, Talk of the Nation, Prairie Home Companion, The World, Performance Today, Marketplace and Radio Reader. And even more! The Eisenhower Hour! Music from the Front Porch! The Jazzman show. Now there's the Front Page, which I love, and This American Life.

During that first fundraising drive I called in my pledge. Heck my husband called in another pledge and I even called one in from the dogs. This radio station is fantastic! Now that I'm a member of WKMS, I smile back at myself when I look in the mirror. I hold my head up high when I am in public. I have a little bounce in my step.

This is a tough year. But if you own a business, I can tell you from personal experience that underwriting WKMS is just plain SMART. It works. And if you are a listener who hasn't joined, you will have a much higher opinion of yourself if you do, I promise! I know. I used to be a poop head, and now I'm a member. It's much better to be a member, and it's so easy.

I love knowing that WKMS can count on me. I count on them to keep me informed, amused, and entertained. Heck they even babysit my dogs while I'm out. I've got some seriously smart dogs. How easy is it to call or pledge online? Ooh! Just try it and see! You'll feel maahhhvellous!