I-69 Bridge Estimate Cut by $600 Million

Jul 21, 2014

Credit Bridgelink, via Facebook

A new proposal for a bridge linking Henderson, Ky. and Evansville, Ind. as part of the ongoing I-69 project cuts more than $600 million from its previous estimate.

Henderson Mayor Steve Austin is among officials from both cities making up the group Bridgelink.  He says an earlier estimate from the state indicated a new interstate bridge over the Ohio River would cost $1.4 billion, but Bridgelink arrived at a different number after looking at a similar St. Louis bridge.

“We put a lot of information together, based on facts, and it came back that it looks like a similar bridge to what is over I-70 in St. Louis could be built for under $800 million in 2019 dollars," Austin said.

Austin said over the last month the plan has been presented to transportation officials from both states. Federal lawmakers - including Rep. Ed Whitfield and Sen. Mitch McConnell - say they'd try to free up funds for the project, but Austin said even with the $600 million in projected savings, funding will be hard to come by.

The plan is now under review from both state governments.