Hunters for the Hungry

Murray, KY – A statewide program is taking advantage of deer season to feed people across the Commonwealth. Hunters for the Hungry partners with local sportsmen to donate their kill to area food banks. The hunters pay a reduced processing fee at participating processing plants when they make their donation. Murray Need Line Executive Director Tona Casey says her organization got involved with Hunters for the Hungry about three years ago.
Last year we received two thousand five hundred pounds of ground deer and our families really, really enjoyed the meat. Actually we've had several come back and say oh that made the best chili we've ever had, and of course I have to remind them it'sduring deer season that this happens.

Casey says the venison has also helped keep Need Line's operating costs down. She says people may make a two dollar donation to Hunters for the Hungry at their county clerk's office when they renew their driver's license. To find out more about the program, visit