Hundreds Protest McConnell in Northern Kentucky

Feb 23, 2017

People protesting McConnell in Louisville this week
Credit Jacob Ryan/WFPL

Hundreds of people packed a closed city street outside a hotel in northern Kentucky to protest Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's speech to a local chamber of commerce. 

Protesters have been following McConnell at each of his public events as he tours the state during the congressional recess.

Lisa Benningfield held a sign Thursday in Covington that read "Hound Mitch," along with a picture of a dog. She said she was protesting McConnell's support for Trump despite his comments about women.

Susan Bridges said she plans to start protesting more. She said she was angered by a tweet from Trump suggesting protesters were planned by liberal activists. She held a sign that declared she was an unpaid protester and a full-time Kentucky resident.

Two protesters interrupted McConnell's speech to demand he speak with them. Both protesters, who did not identify themselves, were quickly escorted out of the room. McConnell quipped, "I see we're having multiple speakers today," before continuing his speech.

Afterward, McConnell told reporters he is listening to what the protesters have to say, but he said they have a fundamental disagreement. He defended their right to protest.

Hundreds of protesters have greeted McConnell this week. Many, including 35-year-old Steve Felix of Highland Heights, held signs demanding Republicans back off plans to repeal the federal Affordable Care Act. McConnell vowed Congress would repeal the law "this year."

McConnell has made three days of public appearances in Kentucky that required attendees to have tickets. 

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